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Ridiculously cheap Pathfinder Humble Bundle!

Humble Bundle is known for offering some great deals, and right now they’ve teamed up with Paizo to offer an insanely cheap Pathfinder bundle of books and even comics. I thought I should share this for any Pathfinder fans out there, or those who wish to start playing Pathfinder, who weren’t aware of it yet. 

I should note that this everything in this bundle is for the first edition, so if you’re looking for the second edition book you’ll still have to pay retail price. Still, the amount of material that’s on offer, and the prices it’s being offered at, are practically ridiculous. 

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Playing ‘City of Mist’ with geek musician Debs

One of the great things that I really appreciate about being part of the role-playing game community, and the wider nerd community in general, is the opportunity to meet a lot of cool, interesting people.

Last night I ran a City of Mist one-shot in my home at the request of a friend of mine, Daniel, who’s an active member of the RPG meetup that I run, the Chicago Alternative RPG Meetup (CARM). Daniel’s friend, Debs, was visiting from Vancouver and he had never had the chance to game with her before.

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