Can you run any RPG system?

Pretty much, yes, with the added caveat that for systems I have not run before, I will need to take the take to assimilate the rules and as this is added prep time, I do add on a one-time $30 service fee on such occasions.

Do you run D&D or Pathfinder games?

I can and certainly have many times, though I will be honest in that on a personal level, at this stage in my gaming life, I generally just prefer other systems such as Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, and even Dungeon Crawl Classics (click here to see what systems I already run on a regular basis).

Do you teach players how to play an RPG system they want to try but haven’t played before?

Yes, I can teach new players how to play any of the systems I am familiar with and have run in the past, but it will require that we spend roughly about half an hour or so, usually (sometimes a little more), at the beginning of the session.

A one-shot game is a good way to try out a system to see if you like it.

Can you come over to our home or event location to run a game?

Yes, of course. Depending on where and how far you are located, though, a travel fee might apply. The exact amount would depend on where you are located. If you’re within the city of Chicago then it should be fine.

Are you a good GM?

Well, I would certainly hope so! But I know it sounds cocky for me to say that I am so I’ll let my testimonials speak for me here.