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A cool-looking Kickstarter for a Christmas RPG

I’ve sometimes seen posts in RPG forums or on Reddit from people asking holiday themed roleplaying games or adventures, and that has often gotten me wondering about the same thing. There seems to be a relative abundance of the latter (i.e. adventures for preexisting systems like D&D or Fate) but not of the former.

But while recently browsing on Kickstarter (I’m always looking for cool RPGs to back), I came across what looked like a fun little rules-lite Christmas RPG that I thought I’d share for those interested.


It’s called ‘TWAS: The Roleplaying Game Before Christmas. It’s created by Jonathan Green who’s the found and writer of Ace Gamebooks, a line of old school-style gamebooks based on classic works of literature like Alice in Wonderland (Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland), The Wizard of Oz (The Wicked Wizard of Oz), and Beowulf (Beowulf Beastslayer). ‘TWAS itself is based on Green’s own ‘TWAS: The Krampus Night Before Christmas which was also a gamebook and which had been successfully Kickstarted.


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‘Call of Cthulhu’ is second most played RPG game on Roll20

Roll20 just released their Orr Group Industry Report for Q3 2019 and it looks like Call of Cthulhu’s popularity continues to grow. According to the report, 13% of Roll20 users currently play the Call of Cthulhu (CoC) system. CoC supplanted the spot that Pathfinder previously used to have, becoming the second most popular role-playing game second only to D&D 5e. It remains to be seen how long it will hold onto that spot, but that’s still an impressive feat.

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